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Over The Odds For Storage

Are You Paying Over The Odds For A Self Storage Unit?

Are you concerned that you are paying over the odds for your self storage room? Maybe you know someone else who has got a better deal? Or maybe you think that you’ve been ripped off? Then why don’t you stand up for your consumer rights and try and do something about it! With so many storage firms around there really is no need for you to stand for bad service anymore!

If you’re worried about your storage package then it may be because you have used a less than reputable firm. Cowboy storage firms may deliberately overcharge you for your storage space or they may try and add a multitude of hidden costs into your small print. If you’re not sure whether your storage firm is doing either of these then make sure you ask for a detailed receipt of your costs so that you can understand exactly what you’re paying for. Once you know, you can then ring around other storage companies to compare your deal against others in the market. If you’re paying a lot more then it’s probably time for you to start asking why.

Another common reason why people end up paying more for their storage space is because they hire a bigger unit than what they need. People often miscalculate how much storage space they need for their furniture, books, paintings or furnishings and often end up getting a much bigger storage room than what they actually need. If you know that there is a lot of spare space in your self storage unit then why don’t you ask your storage firm whether there is a smaller unit you could use instead? While it may seem like hassle at first, it will almost definitely save you money in the long-run. If you want to avoid either of these circumstances then there are a couple of quick measures which you can take.

Firstly, if you want to avoid being ripped off by a cowboy firm, you should always check the reputation of a company before you go into business with them. If you know someone who has used them before then ask them. If you don’t know anyone who has used them before then check online for any local reviews or complaints. If someone has had a bad experience, there will normally be something online. In addition to this, you should also try and check the company’s financial situation or ownership. If the company has been in trouble recently or if the owners are known for having other less-than-reputable firms then this one is likely to be no different.

Secondly, to avoid hiring a storage space which is far too big for your things you could always ask the storage firm to help you estimate the sort of space you’ll need. Storage firms often have an experienced team of people who can estimate how much space you’ll need from a description of your things – so don’t think that it’s a ridiculous question. If you want to try and reduce the amount of space you may need then try to condense your things before you pick your storage option. Furniture can be dismantled, soft furnishings can be vacuum-packed and boxes can be filled right to the top! This way you’ll never be paying for more than what you really need.

So if you can, try to avoid paying too much for a storage unit from the off. If it’s too late then just remember that there are other options out there and that you can make a change for the better!

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